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Standard Operating Procedure, Guideline and Tips

The S.O.P

Standard Operating Procedure during COVID-19

In line with the Ministry of Education’s announcement for the opening of private educational institutions on 1st July, 2020, Sri Kayangan Montessori will resume school operations and reopen its doors to welcome back students on Wednesday, 15th July, 2020 (Years 5 and above) and on Wednesday 22nd July, 2020 (Years 4 and below). Parents, kindly prepare your children in order to assist the school meet the required expectations and preferred best practices when we reopen :-

New Normal in SKM School

Our school encourages children to practice social distancing while keeping hygiene practice all the time.

A. Health, Sanitation & Temperature

  • Please submit the designated form to be filled and signed by parents declaring their families are free of Covid19.
  • Kindly take the temperature of your child at home to ensure and refrain from sending your child to school if he/she has a temperature above 37.5°C.

  • Upon arrival:
    a) to sanitise hands before pressing doorbell and touching school entrance door handle.
    b) to have temperature taken and confirmed as 37.5°C and below, repeated at mid-day and upon departure.
    c) to sanitise shoes, bag and clothes.
    d) to wear a face mask and face shield (both are recommended) before entering the school.
    e) to wash hands with water and soap for 20 seconds immediately, on needs basis and at regular basis. 5

    Kindly take note that additional precautions may be taken for the health and safety of every student where needed.

    B. Hygiene & Distancing

    a) Wearing of acceptable good quality face masks and optional face shields at all times by teachers and students.
    b) Habitually-frequent washing of hands with water and soap.
    c) Student(s)/teacher-distancing of minimum 1 metre in between at all times.
    d) The proper method of sneezing/coughing/yawning into the crook of the arm at the elbow.

    C. Food & Drink

    Drinking only filtered water provided by the school on the school premises.

    Consuming only snacks and meals provided by the school on the school premises.

    D. School Hygiene

    a) Daily sanitation of entire school and apparatus before start of school.
    b) Cleaning of school learning materials after use of the same.
    c) Usage of the school ELearning platform for recording of learning through school computers or personal devices (except smartphones) with books to remain at school and others used only at home.
    d) Circulated filtered air with a combination of celing fans and air filters operating at designated times.

    Health & Hygiene at SKM

    SKM Associates assisting with the safety & security of everyone at SKM.

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